URBAN - Luxury pet bed / Lavish pet sofa

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Style, character and a lot of personality, and yes, I'm talking about your furry, not the URBAN bed, but if your dog or cat fits this description, this is the perfect bed for him or her. Simple but with a clear manifesto of rebellion and grandeur, the URBAN bed leaves a clear message in your space that the one who really commands there is that being who leaves us full of hair when leaving home.


Size Width x Depth x Height

S 50x70x10 cm / 20x27.5x4 inch

M 70x90x15 cm / 27.5x35x6 inch

L 110x90x15 cm / 43x35x6 inch

XL 130x110x15 cm / 51x43x6 inch Materials:

Made of natural wood. Grain and color may vary from product to product.

Let us know what you would like to see.

URBAN - Luxury pet bed / Lavish pet sofa